It’s my birthday.

Goodbye childhood memories and let’s start making new memories 😂.

I can’t believe how much time has flown. Am aging bit by bit and am actually loving it lol.

I had a wonderful day despite the heavy rains. I still sat there and smiled reading the sweet messages I received from my family members, friends, relatives and my co-workers not forgetting Neal wishing me a happy birthday and long life.

No pictures were taken apparently because the weather is too dull. That did not take away fun I had since I made new pleasant memories.

Let’s keep it short and sweet.

Thanks to everyone who took their time to wish me a happy birthday. I appreciate.

I love you all😃😘


Quest for self love

Ever made a mistake of looking for love in others? Am not saying it’s wrong it just depends on where you are looking for the love to receive back.

As a mother am always busy, that I sometimes forget on how fast time flies. Between work, blogging, running errands,toddler mom life on the other keeps me on toes, so it’s definitely difficult to even find time to just focus on myself.

It’s never selfish to add yourself into your priorities. As I Grow I have learned that by taking small steps in my journey for self love I am able to focus on the small pieces that make me happy.

As a mother or women we tend to spend too much time taking care of others than ourselves. Give yourself  what you need without guilt.

With time these tips have helped me make myself a priority.

  1. Taking a nap
  2. Stretching my body
  3. Reading books
  4. Practicing deep breathing exercises
  5. Taking a long hot bath
  6. Coloring especially with kids it’s fun
  7. Turning off my phone for one hour
  8. Talking to my friends 😊

Rejuvenation on another level✌️



Toddlers Tantrums

Where do I start, mmmh.. We all have been there, running errands here and there then suddenly your child strikes like thunder, boom!! Tantrums that you never encountered.

I can tell from the moment my child wakes up if he is going to have a good or bad day. Toddlers have a lot going on in their tiny little brains, from learning how to talk, reading, manners, sharing, expressing their problems or their needs.

Since they are unable to communicate with us on how they feel or what they exactly want, that’s when hell breaks loose. They loose control in the middle of what you are doing, and that’s when you just stand and wonder what to do next.

And him being 2 years old I know am not even half way done with his crazy tantrums but the following have helped me pull through

  • Removing him from the situation because at that moment his mind is running millions of miles away. Don’t worry what other people will think, to those who got kids, they will definitely understand.
  • Don’t loose your cool, if you scold or scream while they are having their tantrums you will only make matters worse. Help them calm down because at the end of the day you are the bigger person.
  • Talk to your child after he has calm down, he may not like it but trust me you are teaching him a lesson.
  • Assure them that they are good kids no matter what happens.
  • Remind him that you still love them, because kids do not want to upset their parents and the best way to handle tantrums is to tell them they are good kids. Hug them and give them a kiss or two.

Stay calm you can handle them😊😂

Friendship Diaries 👭💃

The language of friendship is not words but meaning. When we are younger we think our friends will be there for us throughout our lifetime. We meet friends since we start school then when eventually leave for different high schools or universities and that’s when we start drifting apart.

The first year seems like nothing has happened in these friendships till we begin making new friends in campus. You won’t probably notice at first until you done with college. I get it, it sucks and it hurts. And to be honest it’s okay if that happens.

Sometimes hanging up to childhood friends ain’t the healthiest. The possibilities of us not having the same goals, interests or lifestyles anymore is high.  It’s unfortunate and maybe a bit rude.

Some friends are meant to be temporary or just be there for a specific part of your life. And if you are not the who ended the friendship don’t take it personally. Just appreciate the good times that came with the friendship and maybe down the road you can reconnect.

Naturally at first you will be disheartened but you can we get older and mature, we value the strong friendships that I have now.

-Good friends never say goodbye they say see you soon.


Tales of a first time mom

I wish being a mother comes with a manual 

I used to think people determine their own lives, but the more I grew up, I learnt differently.

As a first time mom, I panic  lot and tend to overthink. The came Google 😂 😂 where everything is tabled for you. Though googling everything is not good either way.

This post is not to tell you that what you are doing is wrong or right, this is just my own realization as I go through this process of being a mother.

  • Our babies grow up so fast, and I mean VERY FAST. In a blink of an eye boom they are already outgrowing the clothes we bought them, thats why we should not buy too many newborn clothes. 
  • For those working moms, a good  breast pump is a must.
  • Do not stock up too many diapers, same as clothes babies outgrow them too.
  • To those having a baby girl, the best time to have her ears pierced is between 3 or 4months and please do get a professional to do it.

Being a first time mom can be tiresome and difficult but don’t you fret. You can always ask for help from your mum or your mother in law. They raised you😇 and they know better 😜.

That’s all for now💞.

New Chapter



I’m Vyonnah and I humbly welcome you to my blog.

I hope you are ready for exciting posts which are full of fun, laughter and happiness.

I am excited to share this with you because this is a journey of a simple girl who fought with her innerself.

Keep in touch with me, for all the best and juicy experiences.,we are just beginning.